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"Our Terms and Disclaimer"

*Our Terms and Disclaimer:

  • Note that the rates listed are for labor only and are provided to give customers a general guide as to what repair costs may be.  Physical inspection of a machine / job is usually required in order to provide an accurate estimate of repair costs.  Our rates and services are usually more competitive than those provided by our competition.  Please note that extensive virus infestation or machine failure oftentimes requires the machine to be taken in for repair and brought back to the customer's site... understand that this is to provide the fastest turn-around. Eta. is 3 - 4 business otherwise noted.
  • Please remember to have your media (USB drive, disk, CD or DVD ROM) and authorization license (product key) for all software packages that require one.  If you have lost your media, we CANNOT supply operating systems (Windows, MacOS) nor applications (Word, Excel, Quicken, etc.) we do not replace or issue software free-of-charge, included with your media, or otherwise furnished! We can sell you a new copy, but if you find your originals, sorry no refunds on any opened software.
  • We are not responsible for loss of data nor applications / software.  Situations such as hard drive failure, virus infection, loss of password or licensing information, and digital-rights management (DRM) issues all can contribute to loss of data.  Although we will make every possible effort to secure and protect your data during the repair process, it is the customer's responsibility to backup their data regularly and recommended on more then just one device.   Music and other entertainment-oriented files will be transferred at our discretion, on a case-by-case basis.
  • We are not responsible for content nor applications that provide content via illegal means.  The practice of sharing files via Bearshare, BitTorrent, Kazaa, and other programs opens you up to issues of copyright infringement, identity theft, and the spreading of malicious (and sometimes illegal) content across the internet.  We at Agent Trip's Services respect your privacy, but we reserve the right to disable or remove any file sharing program, at our discretion.  It is the customer's responsibility to handle legal issues arising from file sharing on the internet, including copyright infringement.
  • Note that all repairs are done on a "best effort" basis.  In certain cases (hardware failure, water damage, mishandling, age and availability of parts) repair may not be possible and may reduce the functionality of an already failing device or component.  There is risk of data loss or device failure during any repair, in any situation.   The simple act of transport may render an already failing device inoperable.  We assume no responsibility for accidental or consequential damages.
  • If diagnostic determines a machine cannot be effectively repaired on-site, it will be suggested that we take the unit in to provide quicker turnaround time but we do not charge the on-site rates so long as we take it to our shop for repairs. We then charge the tech valet fee.

Our Estimate Prices
Remember these prices below are based on a case to case bases, labor only. Parts, taxes, traveling, and shipping fees are sold separately.  A Diagnostic has to be performed at least one time, before or a repair. It must be paid for upfront and is non-refundable but can be applied to the labor for repair except for backup services.