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Shadow Agents - Our #1 remote tech support team.

Immediate IT Support to businesses and residents across the globe. Agent Trip's Shadow Agents are dedicated to all services for business support, consulting, expansion, and development. We make it easy for you to understand the unique requirements specific to your business, and we deliver proven solutions tailored specifically for your business. Our specialty is supporting highly complex hybrid IT environments. We partner with organizations of all different types to provide expert solutions backed by unique service level agreements.

We specialized in enterprise cloud computing services, management software, managed recovery, consulting, online backup, continuity, and business continuity planning. To learn more about "Shadow Agents Remote Tech Support Service," please contact our hot line at 973-910-0468.

Who are "Shadow Agents" and where are they located?

Glade you asked. "Shadow Agents" are professional IT Techs that remotely accesses computers and bring justice to your computer needs. They are all located in the United States, currently in New Jersey. Our remote tech support team can connect to all windows platforms from 7 to10.

Before connecting with us - Please read these questions:

Are you able to boot into Windows open a Web browser and surf the web?


If no - click here - "must boot into Safe Mode, this will show you how."

Our Shadow Agents are A+ certified Technicians with over 10 years’ experience. 

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