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"Rates and Prices"

Diagnostic Fee:
$190* - non-refundable fee and now goes towards the repair of Operating System Repairs including Virus Removal Service, OS Installs and Upgrades as well as the installation of any item less then 8 screws, parts sold separately, data backup services sold separately.

Shop Fees: (fees apply to drop off service only, *all parts are sold separately)
Data Backup Service - $289*  - it is recommended to purchase a backup device as this is required for this service.
OS Clone Backup - using Acronis True Image - $345* - It is recommend to purchase a backup software such as the one listed as this is required for this service.
Large Hardware Install - (such as a LCD screen replacement) - $259* - Depending on the parts, most parts are special ordered and are required for this service.
Small Hardware Install - $50/hr (such as a hard drive, up to 4 ram chips - less than 8 screws)
1/2 Hourly Rate - $50 (miscellaneous shop fee)  / 1 Hour Rate - $95 (miscellaneous shop fee)
Software Install (per title) - $30 (if a software suite has 4 titles, it would cost $25 x 4)
Password Reset (must be a local Windows Account user) - $20 plus Diag. fee (The Diag. Fee is waved if we are servicing your computer with a package from above
Restore Media Creation - $40 (includes media, for example: flash drive)
* Note: All labor Fees are non-refundable - this applies to all service(s) performed.

Service Call Fees:
Home or Business: $290 for first 2 hours / $95 per hour, per tech, per computer. (If two techs appear on site prices double)
Travel Fee: $81* up to 10 miles / + $15 for every 1 mile extra out of range of first 10 miles. You are responsible to pay all tolls and/or parking fees that apply.
Tech Valet: see travel fee above (This includes picking up the computer to work at the shop or /and delivering it back to you, all shop fees apply).
Cancellation Fee $200 (Only charged if the job is canceled during time of appointment)
Cancellation Fee on Emergency Calls: $600
Emergency Call: Same day service - $700 will be added to fees listed above, $1500 if Emergency Call is before noon and between the hours of 11 pm to 12 noon.

*Customer is responsible to pay any meter parking, parking garage, tolls and valley parking fees, they will appear on the billing statement at time of service, this also includes parking tickets that apply if there is no such place to park. If there is no such place to park the standard cancellation fee will apply.