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Welcome to Trip's Mobile Detailing

WHY USE "Trip's Mobile Detailing?"


973-910-0468 and ask for Aaron

"Don't make it look older... make it look NEW again."

We service all of North New Jersey area and are the leading mobile auto detailing service around.  Don’t pay for a disappointing service at your local “car wash” when we can fully detail your vehicle! Our employees are certified auto detailers with certificates in automotive appearance. We treat your vehicle like it’s our own!

Quality auto detailing service for your convenience:

Qualified, Presentable staff with Certificates in automotive appearance. We use only the finest products available. Our waxes and cleaners are of the best quality and are environmentally friendly. We use high-end products and do not cut corners.  We provide on-site training to show you step-by-step instructions on how to take care of your own vehicle. "We do not wash your car, we detail it!"  All of our products are environmentally friendly and achieve the very best result.

Call to schedule an appointment.


Executive Showroom Detailing: (includes three stage polishing service)

Stage one - Compound with Flex Polisher (with appropriate compound) this removes both scratches and oxidation

Stage two - Glazed to bring up luster in paint

Stage three - high speed polish with Flex Polisher (using Meguiars NXT Generation® Tech Wax® 2.0)

Interior is vacuumed, carpets & upholstery are pre-spotted, hand shampooed and deep cleaned

All vinyl and leather components & trim are carefully treated

All interior and exterior windows, mirrors and gauges are cleaned to perfection and treated with Rain-X

New car scent or leather scent available upon request

Convertible Roof CleaningConditioning:

Many convertible tops are made of cloth today AKA “stay fast” material. These cloth tops are prone to environmental fallout, staining and spotting. Vehicle’s cloth roof is first thoroughly cleaned with a special cleaning agent formulated especially for fabric convertible roofs. Once cleaned and dried Rag Top fabric protection is applied to protect fabric from the environmental elements.


Engine Cleaning:

Remove caked up grease and grime that has deposited on firewalls, liquid containers and valve covers. Engine compartment is then “dressed” with a non-silicone low sheen dressing that gives a clean look without that cheap greasy shine. This exclusive dressing will not attract excess dirt.  Want to chrome dress your engine?


Rain-x is applied for incredible visibility in the rain! A must have. Click here to learn more about Rain-X.


Monthly Preventive Detailing – (vehicle gets shined every month – discounts apply - call for estimate)


Estimate of Prices: (*prices vary based on job, we have to see it before giving a price -  NJ state sales tax not included in price below)

  • Small Size Cars (VW Beetle / ) - $100 / Dark Paint Cars $150
  • Mid Size Sedans (Chevy Impala/Dodge Charger) - $180 / Dark Paint Cars $230
  • Vans / SUVs - no extended cabs - $300
  • Vans / SUVs - extended cabs - $400
  • Tow Truck with Beds - $990
  • Show Cars (any kind) - between $800 to $10,000? <----We need to see it first

We staff certified auto detailers with certificates in automotive appearance with over 30 years’ experience.
Call now - 973-910-0460

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